John Struzenberg

Director of Photography & Chief Editor
John Struzenberg is the video team lead of MediaLab.  Recently earning a BBA in Marketing, John serves as the director of photography and chief editor for Changing Currents. John directs all aspects of filming and editing.


Rachel Lovrovich

Creative Director  
Rachel Lovrovich is the general manager of MediaLab. Pursuing a major in Digital Media, and minor in Communications, Rachel is the creative director for Changing Currents. Rachel oversees all aspects of design and social media, in addition to other responsibilities such as filming and motion graphics.


Christopher Boettcher

Social Media Associate
Christopher Boettcher is a communication associate for MediaLab.  A Communication major with an emphasis in PR/Advertising, Christopher is the social media associate for Changing Currents whose duties include research, filming, and social media. 


Kelly Lavelle

Publicity Designer & Photographer
Kelly Lavelle is a visual media associate for MediaLab.  Declared for a BFA in Studio Art: Graphic Design, Kelly is an publicity designer and photographer for Changing Currents. Her contributions include promotional materials, design concepts and digital photography.


Joshua Wiersma

Assistant Editor & Video Journalist
Joshua Wiersma is a communication associate for MediaLab.  Pursuing a BA in Computer Science and a minor in Communications, Joshua is an assistant editor and video journalist for Changing Currents.  His primary responsibilities include research, filming, editing, and behind the scenes videography.



Robert Marshall Wells, Ph.D

Executive Producer & Faculty Adviser